Anasayfa Production Panorama

Production Panorama

Our company produces 40.000 m² open area, 30.000 m² closed area ring yarn and knitted fabric. Our production capacity is 4,700 tons / year Ring yarn and 2400 tons / year knitted fabric. Meqzuztt, built on the roof of our enclosed area of ​​17.000 m², produces an average of 2000 megawatts of electricity per year with GES (Solar Energy Electricity) with an installed capacity of 1.929.200 Kw.

In addition, our COJEN (Simple Cycle Natural Gas Engine) facility with 2Mw installed power is producing annual Megawatt power generation.

The basic principle of Kurteks is honest and high quality production. To compromise this principle, Kurteks A.Ş. Since 2002, he has been in modernization. Within this modernization work, the blend-room group, comb group, cer group, roving group, ring group, reel group and laboratory machines were completely renovated

Ring Machine Parkure:

Bale Feeder: Rieter A-11
Bale Opener: Rieter B-11
Mixer: 2 Pieces Rieter B-70
Foreign Material Separator: 3 Rieter Jossi, 1 at the beginning of the line and 2 at the exit of the line
Cotton Opener: 2 Pieces Rieter Rm
Comb: 18 Pieces Rieter C-51
Cer: 5 Pieces Rieter SB-D15 / 5 Pieces Rieter RSB-D35
Penile Group: Rieter Unilap E-32 Penyoz e-65/6 pieces
Fuse: 8 pieces Zinser FL-668
Vater: 16 pieces 1200 spindles Zinser RM-350/2 pieces 1200 spindles Zinser Rm-351/5 pieces 1200 spindles Zinser RM-351 Impact
Coil: 6 Pieces 60m Murztec 21-C Leopfe / 2 Pieces Savio Polar Leopfe Zenit
The idea: 1 piece XORELLA MarkZixing Machine